but first, read this.

I promise It will only take a minute.

Picture this:

You're 53 years old and you're helping your daughter move into her first family home after her beautiful & emotional wedding day. You love the man she has just promised forever with and are excited to help them start this new life together. You're putting some old books in a box to add to the hoard of other boxes you've been piling into the car for hours. You're clearing off an old shelf in the corner of the living room and happen to come across the photo album from your own wedding day. The memories come rushing in as you flip it open for the first time in while feels like ages. Your husband walks in and knows exactly what you're looking at. When he sits down and puts a loving arm around your shoulders, you feel a wave of nostalgia and happiness as you relive the beautiful memories together that you haven't thought about in years. You remember the details, the something old and something borrowed. You remember the look on your father's face when he gave you away to the man who is sitting next to you at this exact moment.

It's funny how photographs can speak a million words, how they can tell a story without using prose or rhyme or grammar. This, this is why you chose you have your wedding day documented. Not for the trendy instagram photo that was cool at the time, not for the adoration of friends when they see how beautiful your dress was (because damn girl, it was stunning), but for the tangible memories you'll get to relive. That's the stuff, that's why I'm here. I want to give you that.

Whether you’re saying your vows across the ocean or in your parent’s backyard, I want to be the one to follow you around on your special day. All I ask for in return is your trust. I want to be there to capture all the in-between stuff, those fleeting moments that sometimes get overshadowed by the excitement of it all, that’s what I want to make sure you get to hold on to.

If you are looking for someone to simply show up, take some pictures and go home, I may not be your girl. I'm not the one who just shows up with a camera and shoots. I want to create with you, not just for you. I value your vision and believe that its something worth while. I want your photos to be more than just photos for you. One day, your kids will open up the photo album and look at how adorable, fun, sexy and in-love you looked way back when & be like, "wow, wtf THOSE are my parents?!" I want to be the person you trust to capture those irreplaceable moments and turn them into tangible memories you can hold close to your heart forever.

So, think we'd make a good fit? Let's be friends. Reach out and let's plan some magic with you and the love of your life.